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Stop Coddling Regina 2K14


When Marian called Regina a “monster” (and rightfully so after the fate Marian was spared from), Regina looked ready to throw a fireball at her. Let me repeat this: Regina Mills, who conveniently used white magic AND was able to use TLK on the son she abused, was about ready to throw a FIREBALL at…

While I understand why Snow is trying to defend her (she will defend Queen Queen ALWAYS - and yes it is ridiculously stupid), about the others…. I don’t get it. Why nobody except Belle than trying to coddle Rumple (he lost his son!!!!)? Why Killian has to figure out his feelings and keep himself together on his own? And only Regina needs to be protected by EVERYONE if somebody called her “gasps” a monster? Especially if this somebody is HER VICTIM!!!!! I hope that Regina’s arc will not become self-pitying circle AGAIN, but I have bad feelings about this.


captain swan: from crackship to watching netflix and making out


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Small Captain Swan moment from the first 7 min of next Sunday’s episode!

"No good has ever come of pushing that woman.  Give her space."

One of the things I like most about Hook as a character is that, perhaps due to his exceptionally long lifetime of observing people, he understands the spectrum of human nature, emotion and motivation better than any of the other main characters, save perhaps Rumpel (but Rumpel has mostly chosen to do bad, manipulative things with it). 

Killian mostly gives his onscreen advice to Emma, but he’s done it for most of the others as well.  Sometimes it’s like he’s the only actual adult in the room, heh.

Most all of the others are too myopic (Emma and Snow, for ex.) and/or simply not experienced enough (Charming, tho he’s certainly coming along) to understand what drives all types of people, and how to handle their behavior.  Hook’s now always the voice of reason, since he got off the crazy train in season 2.

I’m going to frame this meta.

I’m not okay

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