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Preparing myself for OUAT hiatus
What you need to watch to ease the pain
1. Princess Bride - actually most of us have already seen it before. But if you don’t you MUST go and watch this. ASAP. Warning!!!! May cause sudden CS-feels.
2. Arrow. Because of Olicity. Nuff said. Warning!!! This series will be on hiatus too.
3. The 10th Kingdom. Let’s just say that OUAT wasn’t the first fairytale-ruiner series. This one is awesome. I could rewatch it thousands times and I’m still fascinated by it. Warning!!!! May cause Evil Queen-feels.
4. Pride and Prejudice. Jane Austin’ masterpiece never gets old. Double Warning!!!!! Only BBC version!!!!! Colin Firth is the only Darcy and Jennifer Ehle is the only Elizabeth!!!

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